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Frequently asked questions.

1. Where Can My Guests & I Park?

   We have a private car park, yourself and your guests are welcome to park for free on our car park for the duration of your event. Please be aware that the car park does get busy at peak times therefore please ensure that you avoid checking in for your party any earlier than 15 minutes before your time slot.

2. Do you cater for Disabled guests & Guests with special needs?

      We are able to cater for disabled guests and guests with special needs in all of our party kingdoms, please call our reception team and make        them aware of any of your guests requiring dedicated access and extra special attention and they will advise you on how to access the                building and on any restrictions of play if applicable.

3. what happens if I have less than 12 children?

     If you have less than 12 children attending your party it will still go ahead, however the minimum number of children you will be charged          for is 12. 

4. I've booked for 20 children but do I have to pay for the ones that do not attend on the day?

     Unlike other venues that require you to pay your final bill in advance, It's My Party allows you to settle your final bill on the day of your              party and operates a policy whereby you only pay for the number of children that attend on the day (Down to the minimum of 12).

     Meaning you can relax about your numbers and billing account.


5. Are you able to cater for Halal & special dietary requirements

    Yes, Special dietary requirements and Halal options are available, please call our reservations and bookings team who will ensure that your       special requirements are noted & catered for.

6. Do I need to bring Candles & napkins for you to wrap my cake in?

     We provide the Napkins so all you need is your Cake & Candles. Don't worry if you forget your Candles on the day, the team always have            some on standby if required.

If there's anything we've missed please                                and our team will be able to assist you with your query

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