A Q&A with the Management team that have brought us the most magical & unique birthday party

So many of you ask us how and why we do what we do, so here I've posted an interesting Q&A, with our Managing Director Marie Marks covering some of the questions you've asked us... Hopefully it provides a tiny insight in to the magic behind this special venue.

Rebecca: It’s My Party is very unique, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it anywhere else in the world, let alone the U.K?... Tell us more about the idea behind it and what makes it so unique.

Marie: Hi, Yes you’re right, it is a very unique concept… People have tried to replicate it and soon realise that there’s much more to what we do than just theming a room and performing a song or two.

Whilst I can’t tell you all our secrets, I think the basic ingredients for success at It’s My Party stems from it’s creative management team… The experience of that team really is incredible, they specialise in developing shows, events, ride’s and experiences for big music brands, theme parks and movie studios such as Disney, Paramount Studios, 20th Century fox, Warner MG… This provides It’s My Party with access to a world class creative team that otherwise as a local business we wouldn’t be able to afford… The creative directors love to work with our young performers and together are responsible for creating new themes, adventures, memories and magic moments… The work they do is magnificent and they thoroughly enjoy bringing that experience and talent back to Burnley for the benefit of the local people.

Rebecca: How do you ensure the quality of the parties & events at It's My Party are consistently high?

Marie: What the cast and crew achieve down at It’s My Party really is special… Most people would be worn out after organising just 1 birthday party but those guys organise and perform anywhere between 10 - 15 events per day and they deliver each one consistently to the highest standard!... It’s a real credit to such a young team… They’re a very dynamic and passionate bunch! We have exceptional training & operational programmes in place to ensure that each party and event is perfect from start to finish.

Rebecca: The quality of service really is remarkable given that the team appear to be so young... What's the average age of the team?

Marie: Between 16-21… It’s a job that’s ideal for college students… It acts as a great platform for aspiring performers and transitions them perfectly from amateur dramatics in to the professional performing world!... We invest heavily in training our staff. Our training programs here at It’s My Party have been built on not only 10 years of experience operating our venue but the management team bring with them a vast amount of experience.

I was very privileged to work with and be mentored by Disney Executive and legend, John Holland for five years. Aside from ensuring the happiness of literally tens of thousands of cast and guests each day, John hosted the visits of the likes of Michael Jackson and Princess Diana to Disney Parks. I learned a great deal from John and the fantastic experience I gained in terms of staff training, delivering customer service and experiences is hopefully passed on to each and every member of the IMP cast to the benefit of all our guests.

Rebecca: Is it mainly performers that work for you?

Marie: That’s a good question!... No, in fact we have seen young aspiring business men and women come on board at just 16, we have allowed them to take on business tasks, developing their key management and business skills at a very young age and then seen them go on to work within corporations such as Universal Pictures and Sony at a very high level!... That’s something we’re very proud of.

Rebecca: How demanding is it working for It's My Party?

Marie: It’s possibly important to mention that being part of the team here at It’s My Party is not for the weak or faint hearted… It’s tough, the management are committed to teaching and enforcing working and creative disciplines, our customers are demanding and quite rightly so… It’s a relatively small team and they’re required to pull together to deliver to the highest standards… We give them a lot of responsibility, some rise to the challenge, others don’t… The individuals that make it through the program and come out the other end, unquestionably leave with an added advantage to their peers, they become knowledgable, confident, aspirational, dynamic and highly creative individuals and the majority have gone on to become a real credit to us!

Rebecca: How do you achieve such great results with such a young team?...

Marie: With great leadership throughout the organisation!... As a business mentor I frequently travel the world talking about the qualities of leadership and the importance of it within any organisation, large or small… We’re very strict with our philosophies in that our leaders not only demonstrate strong operational disciplines but that they also create a culture whereby young performers and professionals can grow and develop their skills and gain invaluable experience that they carry forward with them in to their future careers… The job of the team at It’s My Party is to deliver unforgettable adventures for it’s guests… The role of our leaders is to develop our cast into professional, experienced and dynamic individuals who in turn protect the legacy of the company and help it grow.

What’s next for It’s My Party?

There are some very exciting developments in the pipeline for It’s My Party… The management team are currently developing a franchise model of the business which is keeping them very busy… The Burnley venue is incredibly popular & we’re very proud of that however growth is top of the agenda for 2017 for sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog, if you have any questions that have not been covered then please get in touch via the contact page on our website and I'll be sure to ask them next time.

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